Alex & Desiree

December 5th, 2020

I asked Desiree how she and Alex met and she laughed, saying they met at a bar in the French Quarter. When Desiree first saw Alex, she gave him this look that said, 'yes, you can come talk to me'. Desiree recalls that he had a hole in the shoulder of his T-shirt, and she thought it was pretty awful looking, but she continued to talk to him regardless. They ended up heading over to Frenchman Street, drinking and dancing the night away. When Alex kissed her goodnight, she recalls that he grabbed her butt and all she could think about was the hole in his shirt. It was another 6 months before she agreed to go out with him again. It was another 4 years before he proposed.

When they began thinking of their wedding day, Desiree said she envisioned dramatic lighting, with an outdoor airy space that represented the vibes of New Orleans. They mentioned their vision to a good friend and he suggested the Music Box Village. Upon visiting, they realized that the steampunk, textured, unique flavor of the venue was perfect for them. For the pre-ceremony they selected the Hotel Peter & Paul.

Desiree felt pretty clueless about crafting the personal touches for the day, other than knowing she wanted their dog Percy to walk the aisle. Her sister jumped in with ideas for all the extra special projects; including hand making signs, a bespoke custom wood heart memory jar, and brass key bottle openers for all of the guests.

When I asked them for their favorite memories from the day, Desiree said seeing Alex for the first time walking the aisle was the most meaningful. Desiree mentioned that she felt super nervous and seeing Alex just standing there waiting for her instantly calmed her down. It was a super special moment for her, as symbolically, he is always waiting for her in life.

When they began their first dance, they both laughed, because they had not chosen their song prior to that moment and that in itself says so much about who they are and how they live their lives, with spontaneity and spunk. They chose a funk song and continued dancing the night away to hip-hop, bounce and of course more funk. As they exited their wedding through friends and family, Desiree and Alex said they felt so much gratitude and love. I felt the same way, documenting this was really special for me, I mean with that dress and these backdrops, how could it not be!

Thank you to all the Vendors:

Planning: Sydney Kleinberg Getting Ready:Hotel Peter & Paul Ceremony:The Music Box Village Caterer:Marjie's Grill Stationary: Monica Kelly Studio

Gown: Rue De Seine Bridal Shoes: Freya Rose London Makeup & Hair: Style House Nola Rentals: Luminous Events

Getting ready

Choosing the right location to 'get ready' for your wedding day is so important. There are so many Hotels and BNB's in New Orleans, with more opening up all the time, so it's difficult to know where to book. Please don't be shy about asking me to help point you in the right direction. I LOVE this part of the day, as it allows me to get to know my couples better and I get to capture all those candid moments. I encourage my couples to really think about photography when they book their getting ready location. The Hotel Peter & Paul is a dream, the colors, the art, the style, and of course the location. You wanna make sure you are fairly close to your ceremony spot, otherwise you might get frustrated getting to/from on your wedding day. I have a list of my favorite hotels in the city and I will help you scout if one of those doesn't fit your bill, so don't be shy, reach out!

Here we go

How stunning is Desiree? I mean WOW, she looked amazing. The Bride should always have a friend pre-assigned to help them get around on the wedding day. It will alleviate stress and help things run smoother. I do suggest having your transportation mapped out and drivers on stand by to move you to/from your hotels to your venues. The girls hired a car to come grab them and drive the 10 or so blocks to the Music Box Village. Aren't these moments so fun!!!

Three reasons to plan a grand exit from your wedding

  • How can you say goodbye to everyone in your wedding party without walking around and finding everyone? By having a grand exit you get everyone lined up and you can see their faces as you walk through the aisle.
  • Picture opportunity's abound. You get bubbles, you get sparklers, it's awesome on film, you slip and slide, it's hysterical.
  • You get to end your party on time, by planning ahead of time. There is no confusion for your guests. Parties over - line up and let's celebrate one last moment together!