Joann & Brian

October 5, 2019

I was beyond ecstatic to be invited to photograph Joann & Brian's Vietnamese wedding. After spending three months exploring Vietnam in 2015, I fell deeply in love with the culture and the kitchen. Photographing their engagement session months earlier, we had a chance to connect, and I felt a lot of anticipation for the big day. The ceremony was held at St. Agnes Le Thi Thanh Church in Marrero, LA., the ceremony was at Panda King in Terrytown. They had over 500 guests, the largest wedding I've ever photographed, yet my team and I were prepared. What a gorgeous bride Joann was, and her kind heart shines through in everyone she touches. I love when you can feel the balance between two partners and Joann and Brian had that. The reception was so fun to document, as the bride and groom visited every table at the event, receiving envelopes and toasts from each. I was just so happy to be a part of it all....oh and the food was absolutely incredible, truly one of a kind ;)!!!